Quantum Professional Services Launches Needles SD

The eDisclosure of structured data (“SD”) can be complex…fraught with errors and time-consuming.

Quantum’s software solution – Needles SD – is the result of years of litigation technology practice as we’ve examined the a wide variety of SD sources and their output, from Oracle to MySQL.


  •  ability to match multiple columns from two data sets

  •  wildcard search

  •  customizable reporting

  •  very fast processing:  in a recent commercial dispute, Needles SD searched 16 million records with 1800 terms in just a few minutes.

This software is available via Quantum Professional Services.

To get started, contact your representative or simply e-mail consulting@quantumediscovery.com.

Greater KC ARMA – “Beyond Recognition”

Beyond Recognition is a must-see, cutting-edge document classification technology being used by Fortune 50 companies to visually search and organize extremely large, blended data sets.

Topic:  Classifying Documents and Combining Silos with Visual Classification

Location & Time:  Hereford House – 5001 Town Center Drive Leawood, KS 66211 (Registration begins at 11:30AM, Presentation starts at Noon)

Course Description: All information governance initiatives begin with and depend upon proper document classification. This presentation will explain how visual classification can be used to uniformly classify electronic and scanned paper documents across an entire enterprise – even documents with no text or poor text. The presentation will focus on how visual classification can consolidate numerous document collections or silos into single, unified collections, and how visual attribute extraction can identify data elements within specific classifications or clusters.

To Register: http://www.gkcarma.org/gkcarma-events/