Why Are In-House Early Case Analytics Important?

Early Case Analytics

In-house early case analytics are important to the corporation because they have the potential to significantly impact the total cost of litigation.  According to RAND, attorney review typically accounts for about 73 percent of all eDiscovery production costs.  The simple rule of thumb is this:  the less documents you send to outside counsel, the more you will save on litigation costs.


I’ve built an online spreadsheet in Office 365 that calculates the savings that that can be achieved via in-house early case analytics.  It compares Quantum’s In-House Early Case Analytics Model to the Typical eDiscovery Model.  Feel free to modify it to suit your needs.  Here is a snapshot of the spreadsheet:

Early Case Analytics Model


Every company will have slight differences in their discovery workflow, so I am glad to spend some time with you and the spreadsheet to see how your company would benefit from in-house early case analytics.

For a closer look at In-House Early Case Analytics, see our explanation article here.