Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson
Founder & Principal Consultant
Quantum E-Discovery

Jeff believes in saving time and money in e-discovery by applying a variety of analytics tools early in a case, well before moving content to expensive final review platforms. Over the past 20+ years he has accumulated a variety of tools that can be applied as needed in specific situations. Having invested his time and money in acquiring and learning how to use those tools, he is often able to provide alternative workflows and pricing models that result in lower and more predictable overall costs to corporate clients.

In addition to handling email and unstructured content, Jeff has unique expertise in extracting, analyzing, and producing data stored in structured data sources.

Representative Cases

In-House Data Reduction Prior to Attorney Review on Hosted Final Review Platform

  • Pharmaceutical Product Liability Case
    • 11 M files reduced to under 24K files – 99.9% reduction
    • 228,000 GB reduced to 44 GB – 214,956 GB reduction
    • Corporate Cost: $39,500 for hourly billing that included in-place search of 215 TB of data, processing, advanced analytics and exports at no additional cost. Net cost per GB removed: $0.18.
  • Medical Device Breach of Contract Case
    • 1,086,203 files reduced to 7,49299.4% reduction
    • 74 GB reduced to 4 GB – 70 GB reduction
  • Corporate Cost: $9,000 for hourly billing that included collection, search analytics (concept clustering and pattern matching), and export at no additional cost. Net cost per GB removed: $128.57.
  • Pharmaceutical License Agreement Dispute
    • 8,611,632 files reduced to 11,260 files – 99.9% reduction
    • 1,240 GB reduced to 15 GB – a 1,2259 GB reduction.
  • Corporate Cost: $11,750 for hourly billing that included an in-place search of collection, search analytics (concept clustering and pattern matching), and export at no additional cost. Net cost per GB removed: $9.59.

Database Discovery and Analysis (Structured ESI)

  • Wrote custom JAVA code to analyze a production of arcane backup tapes from opposing counsel for a hardware manufacturer. Found evidence of a sale which invalidated the opposing party’s patent.
  • Wrote complex code and custom reports for Microsoft SQL to assist a supermarket chain with the analysis of wage and hour claims.
  • Tracked and analyzed thousands of plaintiffs’ claims for a major health insurance carrier.
  • Developed a custom VBA program to analyze data from a DB2 system in a nationwide FLSA matter on behalf of a major retailer.

Electronic Discovery and Analysis (Unstructured ESI)

  • Conducted remote ESI collection from 130 geographically-dispersed custodians in less than two weeks on behalf of a medical device manufacturer, including culling and analysis.
  • Managed e-discovery as a third party independent expert in a manufacturer/dealer contract dispute.
  • Provided expert ESI guidance to outside counsel regarding interrogatories/30(b)(6) deposition notice on behalf of a plaintiff real estate investor in a securities litigation.
  • Organized, culled, and analyzed over 14 TB of ESI for a pharmaceutical company involved in a nationwide libel suit.
  • Collected and analyzed social media in a contract dispute.
  • Provided expert forensic analysis of opposing counsel’s web mail on behalf of a major automaker.


Certified Computer Examiner (CCE®, #1287) awarded by the International Society Forensic Computer Examiners (

Access Data Certified Examiner (ACE) certification from Access Data


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Jeff has testified in several cases about e-discovery, including testimony about the effectiveness of different collection and culling processes and the relative costs of those approaches.

  • Eric Busenbark, et al. v. ONEOK, Inc. (29th Judicial District, District Court of Wyandotte County), Case No: 12CV629, jury trial testimony about ESI collection and search technology.
  • D2K, INC. d/b/a Suzuki of Huntsville, Shoals Suzuki, Inc., Varsity Suzuki, Inc., and Gary Linam, v. American Suzuki Motor Corp., (N.D. Al.), Case No: CV 09-S-2436-NE, testimony regarding plaintiff’s discovery methodology.
  • Dernovish et al v. AT&T Operations, Inc. (W.D. Mo.), Case No: CV 09-00015-ODS, testimony regarding discovery costs; recommended a defensible yet less costly solution.